Lead Management Research

LRM Survey

Lead Response Management Survey:
    WHEN is the best time to efficiently contact web-generated leads and HOW should you generate, contact, and handle web leads for optimal success?
      Generate more web-leads and optimize sales representative's ability to close those opportunities. This article will give you the facts about the best way to get people to your site, to capture information with the right web forms, to know when you should contact those web leads, and much more.

LRM Study

The Research that Started an Industry:
    How Much Time Do You Have Before Web-Generated Leads Go Cold?
      This paper shows how contact ratios improve 900% if Web leads are called within five mintues of submission. This paper contains results from a survey by Dr. James Oldroyd, and a study by InsideSales.com and FranklinCovey.

      This paper was originally presented by Dave Elkington, CEO of InsideSales.com, and Dr. James Oldroyd of MIT on October 16th, 2007 at MarketingSherpa's Business-to-Business Demand Generation 4th Annual Summit 2007 in Boston.

Jim Click Study

Year-Long Research Case Study:
    Top 40 Mega-Dealer Jim Click Automotive Group Dramatically Increases Sales with New Approach in a Down Economy
      Even with waning consumer confidence and rising gas prices, Jim Click doubled team sales (average growth of 102.8%) over the previous year. Month-by-month results with details on people, process, and technology included. See how the Integrated Sales Center at Jim Click Automotive Group went from 126 sales to 353 car sales in 4 months without increasing their leads.

Omniture Study

Web Form Response Study: Says Don’t Expect Even the Highest Ranked Web Companies to Bother Calling You Back, They May Not Respond at All
    In a revealing study by InsideSales.com and Incoho and presented at Omniture Summit 2007, responses were tracked from 5 separate inquiries made on over 500 top Web sites. Only 7.5% of companies responded by phone, 47% responded by email, and 45.1% never responded at all to any inquiry.

Dreamforce ’08 Study

ResponseAudit Research - Dreamforce ’08 Sponsors:
    124 Dreamforce Sponsors audited in a ‘secret shopper’ process with fictitious leads submitted on their Websites.

    Average response time by phone to Web-lead inquiries in an average time 44 hours, 31 minutes, and 8 seconds. Average response time by email is 13 hours, 14 minutes, 24 seconds. Only 4 Salesforce.com Sponsors respond within 5 minute ‘best practice’ time frame by phone, and 24.2% of Sponsors respond with 5 minutes by email.

    Total responses show that 53.2% respond by email, 39.5% respond by phone, 37.1% never respond at all.

FranklinCovey Study

They have noticed increases in productivity and sales because of this slight change in schedule strategy.
    FranklinCovey has used the InsideSales.com CRM with integrated dialers for years. They wanted to identify the best time to call back a person who abandoned a shopping somewhere in the purchase process.