LRM contributors

James Oldroyd Name James B. Oldroyd
Position Assistant Professor of Management
Phone/Fax 82-2-740-1526 / 82-2-740-1503
Research Interests Information flow, Knowledge capabilities in organizations, Intra-firm networks, Information as a source of innovation and entrepreneurial activities, Performance consequences of using informal verses formal organization

James Oldroyd holds a PhD in Management and Organizations from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. Dr. Oldroyd holds an MBA and a BA from Brigham Young University. Dr. Oldroyd has researched and written about the challenges organizations face in learning from their customers. He is the co-author of a recent Harvard Business Review article entitled "The Quest for Customer Focus" (Harvard Business Review, April 2005).

Dr. Oldroyd's dissertation work examines the impediments to information flows through informal social networks within organizations. Dr. Oldroyd has taught Negotiations and Leadership at the Kellogg School of Management. He has also taught Strategic Management at Brigham Young University and has developed course material for several topics including: entrepreneurship, leadership and change and organizational structure.

Dr. Oldroyd has been involved in numerous advisory projects to corporations. Several of these projects have been focused on developing an organizational strategy for firms that are under pressure from the environment, competitors or internal pressures.


David Elkington Name David Elkington
Position Chairman and CEO -
Phone/Fax 801-853-4090 / 801-853-4089

David Elkington has a rich background in technology and business development. As CEO, he leads the development of's dialer and lead response research strategy both technologically and operationally.

Before founding, David Elkington co-founded Integr8ted Technology Solutions, LLC., a leading e-business consulting and application development firm. Before that, Mr. Elkington Co-founded and served as the director of business development of Everfill, Inc., an e-Health distribution company, until the sale of the company. Prior to that, Mr. Elkington was an investment banking financial analyst with Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown in Baltimore, Maryland, where he was a member of transaction team for IPO's, follow-on offerings, debt offerings, and merger and acquisition assignments for Internet e-commerce, retail, and business services companies.

Additionally, Mr. Elkington worked for Merrill Lynch and MiraQuest Capital (a healthcare technology venture capital firm). He has a background in computer science and holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Philosophy from Brigham Young University with minors in Business, Japanese and Hebrew